Our Services

At iOWN Group, we brainstorm, talk, discuss, and come up with innovative ideas of creating Blockchain concepts and converting them into real-world businesses.

Smart Contracts: Writing and Testing

Our team writes all types of Smart Contracts, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, NEO-based, and others. We always make sure to have a pre-release functional testing in order to avoid any errors.

Using one of the leading blockchain platforms – Ethereum – our company can assist with developing advanced Smart Contracts for your blockchain-based projects.

Decentralized Apps (Dapps)

Dapps combine a number of interrelated smart contracts, united by a business logic and frontend. These apps help customers enable faster payment processing, and provide secure and reliable data records. Our team builds up a complete Dapp architecture, while creating a comprehensive UX/UI design for your organization. 

Our expertise spans across building, managing, and integrating industry-specific decentralized blockchain applications (also known as DApps). 

Blockchain Ecosystems

Blockchain ecosystems span a full range of cryptocurrency trading apps allowing for transparent and immutable transactions. iOWN Group crafts any blockchain ecosystem element from scratch including crypto wallets, analytics tools, multiplatform exchanges, blockchain explorers, oracle applications, and portfolio monitor solutions. 

iOWN Group provides blockchain consulting services for various industries: healthcare, oil & gaz, automotive, E-commerce,... 



Smart contracts are immutable, and blockchain solutions rely a lot on cryptography, which makes this technology highly stable against virtual attacks.

Cost Reduction

Removing intermediaries from the value generating process reduces costs of operations: best solution for all sorts of transactions. 


The deterministic nature of smart contracts makes them tamper-proof: the terms of a contract are executed automatically, by algorithms. 

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the first pioneers in the region implementing Blockchain development and with a full team of Blockchain enthusiasts, we guarantee total expertise for all our customers looking to adopt blockchain technology into their organization. We provide Blockchain consultation, develop enterprise applications, build developer tools, and offer Blockchain education.