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iOWN Group provides innovative Blockchain-based solutions to companies across various industries. Our expertise in blockchain development enables us to provide customized solutions for different kind of applications. By implementing the blockchain technology, iOWN Group helps its clients to secure transactions, prevent fraud, and have better control of data.

What We Do

The concept of Blockchain is relatively new for most companies; in addition to the vast array of benefits that Blockchain technology promises with regards to transparency and immutability of data, decentralization of information and speed and cost efficiency, blockchain pioneer a whole new way of economic transactions and contribute to the global economic development immensely. Which is why companies implement it in their structure.  

iOWN Group provides Blockchain consultation and end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs; we are passionate and dedicated to Blockchain technology, let us explore and advise you on the solutions and possibilities that Blockchain can bring to your business. 

We develop Blockchain-based software products for startups and SMEs. Building software from scratch, we always look at it through the end- user’s eyes making it as functional and simple as possible.  

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Our Projects


iOWN Token is Ethereum based cryptocurrency (ERC-223) iOWN Token is the method of contributing to campaigns on iOWNX Crowd-investing platform, which offer instant, secure, and automated funding process. iOWN Token is listed on two top listed exchanges Latoken and P2pB2B.
iOWNX is the first blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform that offers its users opportunities to invest, raise capital, list a startup, think a disruptive business idea and create the distinctive social value of an individual self. iOWNX aspires to raise qualitative social equity by virtue of inclusivity. iOWNX is a dual platform.
iOWNX Digital Wallet
iOWNX Digital Wallet is a Blockhain-Based Digital Wallet; iOWNX Ethereum multi-purpose wallet which is part of iOWNX platform, where you can maintain your iOWN tokens along with Ethers, and pledging iOWN Tokens in the crowdfunding campaigns, managing your portfolio, viewing platform Blockchain transactions and much more. iOWNX Wallet is available on Android and iOS for download.
iOWN Digital company is a state-of-the-art Blockchain platform that aims to digitize private companies’ equity and shareholders’ by creating a universe of digital identities for businesses. iOWN Digital assists businesses in managing their cap table, investor relations, employee’s incentive plans and bonus programs, easily and professionally.

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the first pioneers in the region implementing Blockchain development and with a full team of Blockchain enthusiasts, we guarantee total expertise for all our customers looking to adopt blockchain technology into their organization. We provide Blockchain consultation, develop enterprise applications, build developer tools, and offer Blockchain education.

Blockchain & Cryptography Experience

iOWN Group team provides solutions for all major blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, with a focus on Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchains for its decentralized enterprise-level applications. If you need to build an entire blockchain infrastructure or any of elements separately such as blockchain core, nodes, or ecosystem apps, you can schedule a call and we will assist you.

Having experience in security and data protection, we offer clients a wide spectrum of secure cryptographic solutions including encryption, digital signature and hashing algorithms…


Our Services

At iOWN Group, we brainstorm, talk, discuss, and come up with innovative ideas of creating Blockchain concepts and converting them into real-world businesses.  

Our team writes all types of Smart Contracts, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, NEO-based, and others. We always make sure to have a pre-release functional testing in order to avoid any errors. 
Removing intermediaries from the value generating process reduces costs of operations: best solution for all sorts of transactions. 
The deterministic nature of smart contracts makes them tamper-proof: the terms of a contract are executed automatically, by algorithms. 

Using one of the leading blockchain platforms – Ethereum – our company can assist with developing advanced Smart Contracts for your blockchain-based projects.

Smart Contracts benefits are:

Smart contracts are immutable, and blockchain solutions rely a lot on cryptography, which makes this technology highly stable against virtual attacks. 
Removing intermediaries from the value generating process reduces costs of operations: best solution for all sorts of transactions. 
The deterministic nature of smart contracts makes them tamper-proof: the terms of a contract are executed automatically, by algorithms.  

At iOWN Group, we build competitive solutions for your company’ specific needs to help you overcome challenges and grow further.

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